Rcon Schedule for Distribution


3PM: Anime Quiz Bowl

A Retrievercon tradition! This is the trivia competition of Retrievercon. Participate and win prizes by Rightstuf, or just observe and watch the chaos unfold. Presented by Andrew Kogut.

4PM: Furusato Japan: Images of the Hometown in Anime and Manga

From My Neighbor Totoro to Barakamon, anime abounds with depictions of beautiful countrysides and small, friendly villages. But where do these depictions come from? Join us as we dig deep into the Japanese concept of “furusato,” or the nostalgic hometown of the past. We will examine how it emerged, how it developed in postwar Japan, how it came to be used as an ideological tool of nostalgia, and how the images and ideas of furusato are used in a diverse range of of anime and manga. Presented by Paul Ocone/Eccentric Fanboy.

5PM: The Best & Worst Animated Movies of the 2010s!

Let's discuss the Greatest & Worst Animated Movies of the 2010s, the biggest shifts in the industry over the decade, and some fun through trivia & giveaways! Presented by Bryan Swann.

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