Retrievercon 20 Schedule for Distribution


11AM: Studying in Japan? How to make it happen!

Ever want to study abroad in Japan? A study-abroad student will let you know how to make that dream a reality! From visas to culture shock, a broad amount of topics will be discussed. If you have any questions, a Q&A session will be held after.

12PM: Whose Servant is it Anyways? An overview of the Fate Franchise and its affiliated works

Genderbent kings, a magical cup, and mapo tofu, oh my! This panel serves as an introductory insight into the massive being that is the Fate Franchise. Newcomers to the series, this panel is for you! Veterans are encouraged to come as well, there will be plenty of dank memes to keep you interested.

1PM: Is this the real Smash Bros.?

A discussion and exploration of the most unique games that are a rip off and/or inspired by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series.

2PM: Before an Unexpected Journey

Long before An Unexpected Journey, anime played the field when Studio TOPCRAFT made the first offering of Middle Earth on screen. Long passed-over by the regular otaku crowd, our investigative panelists would like to share a story with you of American company Rankin/Bass, TOPCRAFT, Tad Mochinaga, and the magical world called: “Animagic.” [A Manly Battleships® Production]

3PM: The Science of My Hero Academia: How the Heck Do Quirks Work?

How a handful of quirks from MHA work biologically/how accurate some quirks are versus others in the scope of science as we know it—I'm not doing everyone but I will do some of the more popular characters.

3PM: Gameshow Impossibru™: Tame That Tune!

The Manly Battleships® are proud to bring you their version of the classic song match game! Our melodic masters have assembled songs from big, small, and downright obscure media for your pleasure. Put your repertoire of knowledge up against the best we have to offer!

4PM: The Animation Gameshow!

Audience members become contestants in a game that tests quick wit in the world of Nicktoons & Cartoon Network series! Random questions are given to the contestants. In the final round, teams can wager any number of points they hold. Presented by Bryan Swann.

4PM: Gameshow Impossibru™: I Know That Voice!™

The Manly Battleships® offer you an original challenge! Come test your knowledge of voice actors & actresses in a variety of media across the ages. There will be prizes to offset the massive strain on your brains!

5PM: Anime Quiz Bowl

A Retrievercon tradition! This is the trivia competition of Retrievercon. Participate and win prizes by Rightstuf, or just observe and watch the chaos unfold. Presented by Andrew Kogut.

6PM: History of Crash Bandicoot Commercials

A historical exploration into the odd and funny commercial advertisements for the Crash Bandicoot franchise from PS1 days to the current.

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