Retrievercon 2021 Schedule


12 PM: From the Archives: 25+ Years of the UMBC Anime Society [Twitch] [Discord]

The UMBC Anime Society was founded all the way back in 1994, the same year as Otakon and a year before Katsucon! We’ve come a long way since then, but it’s nice to go back and appreciate our roots. Come and join Paul, our current president and resident anime fandom historian, as he goes through artifacts from years past and talks about the history of the club. This will be a somewhat impromptu panel--we’re digging through the club archives and seeing what’s there! The panel will be hosted on Discord and then streamed out to Twitch--but we will be stopping the Twitch stream at some point so we can look through some old AMVs without making Twitch angry. (If you want the full experience, watch on Discord.) Old-timers are welcome to join in and share what they know!

1 PM: Cosplay Contest [Twitch]

Anime Society is once again teaming up with the UMBC Cosplay Coalition to bring you a (virtual) cosplay contest! There will be fabulous prizes! Contestants have sent in videos of themselves in their cosplays beforehand; the videos and results will be livestreamed at 1 PM on our Twitch page. First and second place will be chosen by a panel of judges, and there will also be an audience favorite choice.

2 PM: Gameshow Impossibru™: Tame That Tune! [Discord] [Guest]

The Manly Battleships® are proud to bring you their version of the classic song match game! Our melodic masters have assembled songs from big, small, and downright obscure media for your pleasure. Put your repertoire of knowledge up against the best we have to offer!

2 PM: The Science of My Hero Academia [Twitch]

Stop on by to learn just how quirky quirks can be! If you’re wondering how much of this superpower stuff is actually accurate with real world science, then stop on by. Get ready to go Plus Ultra when it comes to learning about the genetics, chemistry, and biology that make up some of MHA’s most famous heroes and villains.

3 PM: Retrievercon Quiz Bowl [Twitch] [Discord]

Think you know a lot about anime? How about enough to play a silly trivia game? The Retrievercon Quiz Bowl returns for another year of fun, prizes, and more. NOTE: Because of stream lag on Twitch, the actual game will be played on Discord. If you want to compete in the quiz bowl, you must do so on Discord. The Twitch stream is for spectators only.

4 PM: Pokémon and Genetics: That Should Not Work Like That [Twitch]

Pokémon: what do we really know about them? Ever wonder just how the heck those breeding mechanics work the way they do? And what is “evolution” in the Pokémon world? Join in to find out the real scientific basis for game mechanics from an evolutionary biological standpoint to find out where things line up and where things don’t.

5 PM: Guess My Terrible MS Paint Art: Anime Edition [Twitch] [Discord]

It is exactly the virtual game show you’re expecting. The premise is simple: I’ll draw an anime character, and you have to guess it. Points? Sure. Will there be a winner? No, because we’re all here looking at terrible, terrible drawings. No one wins when it gets to the MS Paint portion of it all. NOTE: Much like the quiz bowl, the interactive part of this panel will be on Discord. The Twitch is only for spectators.

6 PM: The modern day monster: Origins and themes of the Monster Girl Genre [Twitch]

The Monster girl genre suddenly appeared, as if from nowhere. Yet it has remained a central element of today's cultural consciousness, due to its sentiments of a post-racist world. Join us for an analysis of the themes of the founding works, as well as a discussion for a more equal vision. Note: There will be mature language and themes.

7 PM: Anime and Manga after 3.11 [Twitch] [Guest]

A brief and nonexhaustive look at how anime and manga have grappled with the Tohoku Triple Disaster. (Presented by Joe from Pause and Select.)


8 PM: [18+] Otaku Sexuality, or why Hentai Exists: A Clos(er) Look [After Dark] [Discord]

Why is hentai a thing? To understand that, it’s necessary to step back and look at the history of moe and otaku sexuality. Yep! We’re talking waifus, 2D complexes, doujinshi, body pillows, eroge: the whole system of otaku desire! Did you know that Hayao Miyazaki fell in love with an anime character at an impressionable age? Or that the writer Tōru Honda says that relationships with fictional characters are the future of humanity? And just what does the psychiatrist Tamaki Saitō mean when he writes that otaku are defined by their ability to get off to anime characters? Join us in Retrievercon After Hours, After Dark panel! We will open an R18 channel on the Discord server shortly before this panel begins.


Throughout the day: [Impromptu] Games [Discord]

Do you have a pick up session of Cards Against Humanity you want to play? Some other game? Feel free to play in our voice channel; if you want to share video of the game, just message or ping one of the Elite Five™ and we can bestow streaming permissions on you.

5 PM and 7 PM: Jackbox: Anime Edition [Discord]

It's Jackbox Games! But anime themed!

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